Office of the Budget

The Office of the Budget is responsible for optimizing the fiscal performance of the Public Sector through the use of the National Budget.

The Budget Department is headed by the Director and consists of four (4) Sections

  • Planning
  • Monitoring & Implementation
  • Management
  • Procurement

Responsibilities & Core Sections

The Office of the Budget is responsible for the following:

  • Manage the operations of the Budget Division;
  • Direct and implement of the Budget Process;
  • Initiate, coordinate and consolidate the preparation of the annual and any supplementary estimates of revenue and expenditure;
  • Implement the approved estimates of revenue and expenditure;
  • Conduct ongoing reviews and monitoring revenue and expenditure patterns of agencies;
  • Issue and/or approve warrants and quarterly allocations as authorizations for expenditure;
  • Improved forecasting of fiscal performance;
  • Monitor programme performance government-wide and provide reports to relevant users on a quarterly basis;
  • Maintain contact with associate financial insititutions and agencies with a view to contributing to and participating in the harmonization of policies and practices;
  • Engage in the efficient procurement of goods and services through competitive tendering;
  • and Attend to all matters pertaining to Travel and Subsistence Committee.


Cointha Thomas
758 468 3909


Estimates of Expenditure 2014-2015
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Appropriation Act No. 18 of 2011
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Budget Speech 2011-2012
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Estimates of Expenditure 2010-11
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Budget Speech: 2010
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Estimates of Expenditure 2016/2017
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