Prime Minister King announces innovative constituency development programme

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - Prime Minister Stephenson has announced the formation of the Constituency Development Program (CDP) with an initial injection of $5million in this fiscal year.

The prime minister during his budget presentation described this initiative as the first of many initiatives that seek to galvanize bipartisan efforts in garnering social cohesiveness.

The country's leader said the concept was inspired by a workshop for all parliamentarians on "Understanding the Budget Process" which was facilitated by the Parliament Office, in conjunction with the ministry of finance.

"I am delighted to announce to this honourable House that the sentiments expressed at that workshop have resonated with this administration and have found expression in the formation of the CDP. This is the first of many initiatives that seek to galvanize bipartisan efforts in garnering social cohesiveness in this small, beautiful nation of ours."

Prime minister King outlined the objectives of the CDP, noting that it is conceptualized to be a mechanism for harnessing rich and varied talents at the community level and to   define an indigenous community-based approach to social and economic development.

"The CDP has, as its primary objective, the development of social and economic programmes aimed at stimulating economic growth while promoting bipartisanship and community participation within constituencies. Among its objectives, the CDP will facilitate greater consultation both within the community and between the community and government agencies."

He also added that the CDP will encourage broad level participation by civil society organizations, various community groups and the Opposition. This interactive process will provide the avenue for broad bipartisan consultation in formulating development proposals for budgetary consideration.


Contact: Claudia Monlouis



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