Message by Isaac Anthony Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs & National Development

isaac_anthony2.jpgWelcome to the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development's new website!

This website represents the Ministry's latest efforts to bridge the divide between government and the people that its serves. The website will undoubtedly enhance accessibility to government information and services. It serves as an information portal, housing not only information specific to the work of the Ministry alone, but also provides a gateway to other Ministries and Government agencies that have a web presence as well.

This Ministry plays a critical role in the execution of government policy and is the repository of information on the economic performance and well being of the country. This Ministry engages with regional and multilateral development partners and agencies, such as the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), the European Union (EU), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) and many others, to execute government's development goals and objectives. The policy initiatives and outcomes born out of these exchanges are now in the public domain and are only a click away!

We have gone to great lengths to demystify the work of the Ministry and to present the information on the website in such a way that it is more palatable to the average citizen. I trust that you will find the website informative but also engaging as we seek to showcase the milestones of the Ministry, and enhance accessibility to government services via new information communication technologies, such as the Internet.

We live in an environment that is characterized by the ubiquity of digital technologies. Much of our everyday exchanges take place via some digital medium, whether it is a mobile telephone or the internet, for example. We in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development, recognize the impact of the latest technological revolution and the extent to which it has triggered a paradigmatic shift in the way the world does business. The Government should not be left behind, and we too, therefore, are poised to capitalize on these modern technologies in the execution of our day to day functions, but even more importantly in serving you, the people of Saint Lucia.

I wish to encourage you to use the website. It is an excellent source of information on the Ministry's core business and activity. You, the people of Saint Lucia, investors (domestic and international alike), the Saint Lucian diaspora, visitors - are our clients, and we will continue to endeavor to enhance our service delivery to ensure that your needs are met effectively, efficiently and expeditiously.

Happy browsing!

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