Government implements Constituency Development Program

The Government of Saint Lucia is pleased to announce the commencement of a landmark initiative, spawned out of an earlier promise made to Parliamentarians at a workshop on “Understanding the Budget Process” which was facilitated by the Parliament Office, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development.

First announced in the 2010/2011 Budget Address, Prime Minister the Honorable Stephenson King lauded the Constituency Development Program (CDP) as a unique medium for the development of social and economic programs aimed at stimulating economic growth, while promoting bi-partisanship and community participation within constituencies.

The CDP facilitates greater consultation both within the community and among the various community and government agencies. This interactive process provides the avenue for broad bipartisan consultation in formulating development proposals for budgetary consideration at the constituency level. Through the CDP, every Parliamentary representative has a direct influence on the priority of development projects to be undertaken in his/her district.

The Government of Saint Lucia has approved approximately EC $6 million for projects earmarked for implementation across all seventeen (17) constituencies. In the first cycle of the project, which commenced in February 2011 a total of forty (40) projects will be executed generating over two hundred (200) jobs. The second cycle which is due to begin shortly, will see the implementation of a further sixteen projects and promises to create even more job opportunities.

Each Parliamentary Representative partnered with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development in identifying critical projects for the constituency.

In order to qualify for financial assistance, all proposals are subjected to a vetting process by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development, to ensure congruence with stipulated guidelines and the overall national development strategy.

Irrespective of party affiliation, the Constituency Development Program provides an opportunity for constituency representatives to gain more direct participation in their own development, while at the same time strengthening the co-operative mechanisms that lead to greater social cohesiveness.

The Government of Saint Lucia views the Constituency Development Program as an opportunity for capacity building, while enhancing the understanding of community needs and priorities.

Given the tremendous social and economic impact of the Constituency Development Program, Government is considering an increase in the allocation in the forthcoming budget. This will redound ultimately to the development of the people of Saint Lucia.


For further information contact

Edward Didus Fedée
Constituency Development Programme
Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs
and National Development
American Drywall Building
Vide Bouteille
St. Lucia
Telephone: (758) 468-2180
Facsimile: (758) 451-9706

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