National Competitiveness and Productivity Council

The Government of Saint Lucia in collaboration with the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council is organizing a "Productivity Awareness Week" during the period 13 - 18 October 2014.

This initiative forms part of the Government's overall thrust to promote the awareness of productivity and to also showcase initiatives that are being undertaken by both the private and public sectors geared towards the promotion of productivity. Therefore, this exercise will assist in inculcating productivity-consciousness among the citizenry.

The theme for the week is:

"Enhancing Productivity is our Responsibility"

The objectives for the week are:

1.   To foster an awareness/understanding of productivity at all levels of society

2.   To discuss measures that can be taken to enhance productivity in this current economic climate (both within the private and public sectors)

3.   To begin the process of inculcating a mindset change in our citizens

Prior to the commencement of the week of activities, an essay competition with productivity as its theme will be held throughout the secondary schools. The competition will target students from forms 3 - 5.  There will also be a debating competition to be held amongst the various divisions of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. 

The Week of Events will include:

October 13th 2014- (Morning)

A prize giving ceremony to award the winners of the Essay Competition and Debating Competitions.  This ceremony will be held at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College [SALCC].

October 14 2014- (Morning)

The Official Opening of the Productivity Awareness Week by the Honourable Prime Minister and a Panel Discussion on Critical Factors for Improving Productivity.  The results of the ongoing productivity study will also be released during the opening ceremony.

October 15, 2014 

Public Sector Forum on Productivity

A full day session for the public sector where initiatives that promote productivity will be highlighted.  The day will also include guest speakers on productivity and the results of the productivity assessment of the four pilot agencies will be released.  

October 16 - 17, 2014 

Private Sector Forums

Various forums on productivity will be held on the two days.  There will be separate forums on each of the sectors that were part of the productivity assessment.  These sectors include: manufacturing, wholesale and retail, construction, financial services, agriculture and tourism.  A separate forum will also be held for the education sector. 

The Private Sector Forums will focus the theme 'Improving Productivity in our current economic situation and encouraging the mindset change amongst the citizenry'.

The private sector forums will benefit from sharing of success stories as well as discussing the results of the productivity assessment relating to each sector.  A guest speaker will also address each forum.

October 17th - (Evening)

Closing of the Week - Cocktail Evening - with international speakers.  The theme for the evening: "Creating the Mindset Change Required in this Current Environment."

During the week, there will be the sharing of information on innovation and practical approaches to become a more productivity society. The week of activities will engage Business Leaders, Managers, Directors, Media Personnel, Policy Makers and Government Officials. The NCPC Productivity Awareness Week will ultimately work towards highlighting these findings and reinforcing the ideals of productivity that the Council has already began addressing.