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Promoting Productivity - Awakening a Corporate Conscience

Promoting Productivity - Awakening a Corporate Conscience

"Barter" a very simplistic word deriving from earlier centuries. A word whose concept denotes the survival, sustainability, relationship and partnership of the most meagre of enterprises.

The concept of barter has always fostered and encouraged the idea that we all provide something critical to the survival of each other. That we all need each other. That we cannot stand alone and most importantly that the business of development in the community is - yes - OUR...

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Is Increasing Productivity the Solution to the Economic Woes of Caribbean SIDS?

Economic context of Caribbean SIDS

Economic Conditions in several developed economies have improved considerably since the 2008 financial crisis; with forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2014 and...

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National Competitiveness & Productivity Council Tips

Productivity can be defined as how efficiently we utilise inputs such as labour (workers) and capital to produce a higher amount of output (goods and services). It is a combination of intelligent...

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International Year of Cooperatives 2012




The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives under the theme,  "Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World" .  As such cooperatives engaged...

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Formal Opening of the 54th Meeting of the OECS Authority


Ladies and Gentlemen



I acknowledge with humility and appreciation the congratulations and words of welcome extended to me today and over the last few weeks since my...

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