National Competitiveness & Productivity Council Tips

Productivity can be defined as how efficiently we utilise inputs such as labour (workers) and capital to produce a higher amount of output (goods and services). It is a combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. Staying productive at work or at home can be a challenge. Every time the work day ends, odds are that you are not satisfied with what you have accomplished.  Thankfully, productivity can be continuously improved. Here is a productivity tip that may help. 


Focus on ways that you can help your supervisor raise the productivity level of your department. A good employee is always there to help and support in any way that he or she can.  Ask yourself ‘What can I do to help?’ If you can think of innovative ideas that will increase the productivity level within your department, talk to your manager about them and aid in their implementation. Remember that increasing on your supervisor’s effectiveness and reducing on their workload pays dividends to your career. 

Stay posted for further NCPC Productivity Tips.

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