Fiscal Research & Policy

The Department of Research and Policy is responsible for analyzing, researching and providing policy advice on matters relating to macroeconomic policy in general and fiscal policy in particular. The department also provides support to other ministries and departments by way of formulating and implementing policies that are geared towards fiscal consolidation, public debt management, and sustainable economic growth and development.  The department is the main macroeconomic unit in Government and liaises with regional and international financial organizations in monitoring and reporting on St. Lucia’s economy. The department is required to:

  • Analyze economic, fiscal and financial issues
  • Prepare reports to policy makers on macroeconomic and fiscal policy issues
  • Develop macroeconomic framework for annual budget
  • Prepare and update macroeconomic projections
  • Develop revenue proposals for annual budget
  • Monitor domestic and external economic and financial developments
  • Liaise with the IMF and other international and regional financial organizations in reporting on St. Lucia’s economy
  • Publication of Economic and Social Reviews


Embert St. Juste
758 468 5577


Budget Statement 2013
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Economic & Social Review 2012
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Economic and Social Review 2011
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