Saint Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project

On September 9, 2009 the St. Jude Hospital located in Augier, Vieux Fort was devastated by fire. St. Jude Hospital at Augier was a ninety-seven bed major referral Hospital on the island was rendered non-functional. The fire destroyed the surgical ward and the operating theatres of an already aging plant. This resulted in significant major disruptions and termination to services in the south of the island.


  St. Jude Hospital Surgical Wing After Fire



The Saint Jude Hospital provided a wide range of in-patient, outpatient, ancillary and outreach care, including:
•    Medical
•    Surgical
•    Ophthalmology
•    Psychiatry
•    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)
•    Obstetrics and Gynecology
•    Dental Care
•    Nutrition
•    Internal medicine
•    Dermatology
•    Orthopedics
•    Pediatrics
•    Cardiology
•    Urology
•    Emergency medical Services
•    Surgery
•    General outpatient services


•    X-ray
•    LABS
•    Pharmacy
•    Physiotherapy

As a result of the damage to the components of an already aged facility, the Government of Saint Lucia has taken a policy decision to re-construct the Saint Jude Hospital. This is necessary in order to restore the capacity of the southern region to facilitate the healthcare needs of the population in the South as well as clients from the north which includes almost 66,000 patrons.

As a result of the location of Hewanorra International Airport located in the south of the island there is a requirement for accessible emergency medical and surgical services. This is critical as the absence of a fully functional hospital in the south could have a detrimental effect.

Goal & Objective

The goal of the project is to rebuild St. Jude Hospital to reinstate the core and ancillary health services previously offered to the public. This will also be in keeping with the Government’s health sector objectives and as such expanded where necessary. The design is expected to produce an effective and efficient health care facility according to modern day requirements.

The objective of the project is to design and construct the first phase of a 90 bed hospital facility serving the Southern region by December 2011, built according to technical specifications. The new hospital will be relocated to a site in the vicinity of the George Odlum Stadium where the hospital is currently housed temporarily. This new facility will also be developed as a teaching hospital and will offer the following services.

Description of Services  

The New Saint Jude Hospital will offer the following services:

•    Surgical unit   
•    Medical units
•    Pediatric unit
•    Maternity unit
•    Delivery/Nursery unit  
•    Ob/Gyn unit

•    Emergency/Recovery
•    Eye Clinic
•    Ob/Gyn
•    Physical Therapy
•    Laboratory/Blood Bank/Autopsy
•    X – Ray
•    Dental/ Maxillo Facial
•    E. N. T.
•    Outpatient Clinic (OPC)
•    Endoscopy
•    Cardiology
•    Oncology
•    Psychiatry
•    General Surgery
•    Neurology
•    Dermatology
•    Bio-engineering
•    Dietary/Cafeteria/Kitchen
•    Engineering/Maintenance (Mechanical)
•    House-keeping
•    Laundry/sewing room
•    Medical supply storage
•    Pharmacy
•    Purchasing/general supplies/storage
•    Safety (security)
•    Stencil supply
•    Switch board
•    Information Technology
•    Administration
•    Finance/accounting
•    Admitting
•    Billing & collection
•    Employment services
•    Infection control
•    Medical records
•    Medical Director
•    Nursing Administration
•    Pastoral services/chapel
•    Volunteer services
•    Public areas
•    Education/Library
•    Quality assurance
Project Management Unit

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, Planing & Social Security is the government agency responsible to the planning and implementation of this project. A Project Management Unit (PMU) has been formed. The main responsibilities of the PMU will be to facilitate the planning and implementation the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction project, oversee the implementation of the works and services to be contracted under this project, and prepare progress reports for the Government of Saint Lucia on the status of the implementation.

For more information please contact:

Project Manager
St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project
American Drywall Building
Vide Bouteille
Tel: 1 758 468 3965
Fax: 1 758 452 6700