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The purpose of the Statistics Department is to collect, compile and disseminate  national statistical information relevant for policy decision making in a timely and efficient manner using cost effective cutting edge technology.

The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Finance comprises of the Demographic, Mapping, Survey Section and Front Sections. 

Demographic   Section

The Demographic Section is responsible for the collection, compilation and dissemination of Vital Statistics.  It is responsible for providing population figures to the public as well as producing an annual data publication called "The Vital Statistics Report".  Statistical Information births, deaths, marriages and divorces are collected from the Registrar of Civil Status and the Ministry of Health.

Statistics on births, divorces and deaths relates to the occurrence of births, divorces and deaths in a given period.   Statistics on marriages entails all marriages taking place for the given period with the exception of tourist marriages.

Trade Section

The trade section is responsible for International Trade Statistics. This includes editing and coding of customs entries and also the compilation of Merchandise Trade Statistics.

Mapping Section

The Mapping section redraws and updates all enumeration district (ED) maps so that they are drawn to scale and reflects key features and symbols used internationally. Enumeration districts are sub-divided to meet the requirements of the International Labour Organization. Using Geographical Information System (GIS) software enumeration districts are digitized making it possible to collect, update and retrieve information more readily as well as access data in map format via a link to the department.

The Mapping section is also has the responsible for publishing the Labour Force Annual Report and the Annual Statistical digest.

Surveys Section

The key roles of this section are primarily to conduct surveys of the department.   Surveys produced by this section include:

  • National Account Survey- this survey is carried out on a yearly basis. The data collected is used in calculating the GDP that each economic sector contributes to the economy.
  • Labour Force Survey:  the purpose of this survey is to keep abreast with the employment and unemployment rate in St. Lucia. This survey was first implement in 1991 and is done every two (2) months with a one month break period.
  • Consumer Price Index:  the collection of prices is done on monthly basics and is used to determine the spending pattern of the consumers and calculating inflation rate.
  • The Establish Survey:   this annual survey is done in order to determine which business that are currently in operation and to add on new and existing business database.
  • Industrial Production  - this involves the distribution of Survey Industrial Production forms to all manufacturing industries so as to gather information the   amount of goods produced.
  • Household Income & Expenditure survey : this survey is  conducted to update the  food basket with goods which are commonly used by household.

Front Office

The front Office provides technical, administration and accounting support to the Statistics Department.   It is also responsible for the dissemination of statistical data.


  • Programme Administration
  • Data & Collection

 Key Responsibilities:

  • More effectively designed policy actions;
  • Enabling the monitoring/evaluation of national economic and social policies by the local public, international institutions and other relevant agencies.
  • Improved policy responses to national issues

 Key responsibilities

  • Collect, compile and disseminate economic statistics intelligence on:
    • The Gross Domestic Product
    • Trade with other countries
    • Tourism
    • Manufacturing
    • Agriculture and other Economic sub-sectors
  • Collect, compile and disseminate social statistics intelligence on the population.
    • Births
    • Deaths
    • Fertility
    • Teenage Pregnancy
    • Education etc.
  • Maintain all statistical data sets in electronic format and facilitate ease of access to this information through the use of technology example the internet.
  • Maintain manually and electronically Enumeration District maps for sample survey taking and distribution of all statistical data sets spatially through geographic information systems.
  • Conduct the 2010 National Census in May of 2010 based on the de jure approach to census taking.

 Performance Indicators

  • The time taken by the department to deliver electronically or in print
  • Social and economic intelligence which it produces;
  • Ease of access to information disseminated by the department through electronic and print media;
  • Percentage of requests for statistical data which the department is able to fulfill.



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